Christmas war is the United States basketball festivals, nba 2k mt players want to live in the nation's match with the outstanding performance of the fans to send blessings. But each time do not belong to Stephen - Curry. Count this year, Curry 5 to participate in the Christmas war, no score of 20 points, the highest is 19 points last year.


Today's game, Curry encounter knights of tight man-mark, the audience only 11 times the shot, is the second nba 2k17 buy mt season, only hit four goals, the same season second, 15 points close to the season minimum. Shot at least 60 points Thompson won the game, he does not need too many shots, just for the soup God cannon aircraft. But against the old rival Knight, buy nba 2k17 mt coins Curry offensive contribution is limited, in addition to 11 in 4, the audience only 3 assists, for the Warriors is concerned is not enough. 1 minute 14 seconds before the whistle for the two-thirds of the MVP to restore a trace of facial expression.