Beijing time on January 5, the Bulls beat Knight away this season, the second victory over Knight, Jimmy - Butler played 36 minutes, 7 of 20 shots, 3-pointers 8 3 3 points in 20 points and 8 assists and 6 rebounds . nba 2k16 mt Although the first three quarters of Jimmy in the doldrums, only 6 points for Houston, but his last one scored 14 points, and to prevent the counterattack of James, the Bulls can be said to win the biggest hero.


Jimmy in the defensive end ahead of the station, the success of James in the manufacture of offensive fouls, to prevent the Knights go-ahead. Subsequently, Jimmy hit long shot three points, then hit a jumper, even after 5 points, the Bulls will lead to 6 points. But Butler did not stop the score,' 'nba 2k16 coins suspended back, he fast-break counterattack foul after making two free throws, followed by the attack, he scraped the offensive rebounds, the second attack scored, the difference will be widened to two number. Two minutes left in the game, or Jimmy, he directly kill basket layup, kill the game completely.


Although the score is not the highest audience, but also once in the doldrums, but Jimmy with the fourth quarter to prove that he has the ability to tough, there he was, the Bulls hope.