After the start of the game, the Hornets cheap nba 2k17 mt coins use Harden is not the time of continuous chasing points in the game left 2 and a half hours and finally succeeded in wiping out 20 points difference and overtake a point. However, the scene of the fans did not face the slightest tension, because they clearly have a team who can save them.


Sure enough, after the suspension back, Harden first assists Ryan - Anderson hit the bottom corner of the third, helping the Rockets to complete the go-ahead; the next attack, he broke into the basket firmly hit layup, the points difference expanded to 4 points. Hornets did not surrender, Kempur - Walker is not unreasonable to pull three-pointers. However, Harden is also not hesitate to use their own signs of the European step Akira open defender, left-hand layup, the successful killing of the game.


The game Harden scored 40 points and 15 rebounds and 10 assists in the large triple-double, cut two consecutive games 40 + three pairs, Jordan, Maravich, Williams less after the NBA history to do this A little fourth man. The Rockets also buy nba 2k17 mt coins made the second nine-game winning streak of the season, winning only temporarily due to the gap in the western third. I believe the team has such a good leader, becoming the second western only a matter of time.