The signing of the new NBA collective bargaining agreement is progressing well. 2k17 mt Yesterday, the NBA boss side has unanimously adopted the new collective bargaining agreement. The next player side will also vote on this.


Thanks to the $ 24 billion new television agreement, NBA players are expected to see continued pay rises under the new and old agreement. nba 2k17 xboxone mt Expected in the next season, NBA players average wage will reach 8.5 million US dollars, and to the 2020-21 season, NBA players average wage is more than 10 million US dollars can be broken.


Under the new collective bargaining agreement, the maximum annual salary of the contract will be more than 40 million US dollars. Take nba 2k17 mt the Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry as an example. As a two-time MVP, if he chooses to renew his contract with the Warriors next summer, he will be able to get a five-year deal worth more than $ 250 million.