January 3, the official announcement nba 2k17 mt of the Wizards of John - Wall and the Rockets James - Harden were elected to Eastern and Western Week player.


   Wall led the Wizards three straight victories this week, three victories are from home, in Washington they have harvested eight straight. buy nba 2k17 mt coins Wall averaged 24.3 points (8th in the Eastern Conference) this week and averaged 13 assists in the league.


   Harden led the Rockets this week to win four straight victories record, he averaged 37.3 points in the league first, 12.5 assists league second, cheap nba 2k17 mt coins 9.8 rebounds eighth in the west. In all four games, Harden scored more than 30 points and more than 10 assists per game, more than 56 percent (more than 45 percent from three-point range and more than 88 percent from the free throw line).